Monday, February 16, 2009

Well, here it is Monday again. I don't really look forward to Mondays...back to the grind and all, but today has not been too bad. I actually got A LOT of work done today and I am feeling accomplished. I only wish that I could say the same for our big week end plans. LOL We did get a few things done and Grandma is fixing the floor today, so it's not all bad. But not as much as I had hoped to get done. The house is clean and the porch is half bleached and all of the trash in the yard from that stupid dog that keeps stringing it all over everywhere is picked up (thanks to Brent!). So we are well on our way to having a good party and I am excited about it. I love to be the host. Anyway, I don't really have anything exciting maybe tomorrow. Love you guys!

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